Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Letter to My Baby

My sweet baby E,

I wanted to write you a note today to tell you just how wonderful you are. Every day, you do new things and I really wanted to write them down for you to read one day when you are grown and for me to read many times as the years pass to remind myself of this time.

You are two-and-a-half years old now and you are a ball of energy. It seems that you do something new and amazing every day. You are so smart and so incredibly sweet. Your laughter is infectious and you love to play tickle monster with me. I have been pleased at how your signing and your speaking has developed so far. You are a little sponge and you love to learn. You amazed your Daddy and me recently by showing us that you recognize written words and their meaning. I wouldn't call it reading yet, but when you see words like CAT, DOG, or HAT, you know exactly what they mean. You picked that up all on your own.

You have an obsession with the alphabet and have been saying and signing all of your letters for quite a while now. Your favorite letter always has been and continues to be O. We are not sure why other than it was one of the first letters you learned. You will go through and dig out all of the Os and set them aside from other letters in your blocks and you love to draw Os. Speaking of drawing, you are quite talented for your age when it comes to art. You are very particular about your drawing and painting. You really enjoy drawing smiley faces and letters most. You also enjoy making me draw things for you as you call out what you want to see next.

You are a creature of habit and routine. You get that from your Daddy! You are VERY particular about all that you do. You line up your matchbox cars just so and you sort them by size, color, and kind. Woe to anyone who moves one without your permission! You have had the same bedtime routine since you were six months old. You know how it goes and insist that it be followed exactly. If we get something out of order, you go so far as to correct us and start from the beginning again with a quick pretend of anything that we have already done. You will even climb your step stool and pretend to brush your teeth again to keep the order correct. This is hilarious and, honestly, mildly disturbing :-) Your current routine is brush teeth, bath, towel cuddles, pajamas, read your Bible, say our prayers, turn on your sea horse glow toy, and kisses good night. You recently decided that YOU will "read" the Bible to your Daddy and me rather than the other way around. You always read us the creation story because it has all the animals in the pictures.

You are so very sweet. I know you will grow up all too quickly, but for now, I truly love this time in your life. You are so full of wonder. You love to snuggle and give the best hugs and kisses. Just last night, you gave me hugs and kisses and signed to me, "Mommy, I love you" without being prompted or trying to bribe me for anything. You tell us you love us all the time, but usually after we have said it first. It melted my heart and if you HAD been trying to bribe me, it surely would have worked! I hope you always keep your sweet and loving disposition. Everyone always comments on how you are the happiest and most loving little boy they have ever seen. I don't think there could be a nicer compliment for a mom than that. I am SO proud of you, my sweet baby boy. You bring smiles to everyone you meet. You are also quite a little comedian and keep us laughing at your antics on a regular basis. You never fail to make me howl with laughter on a daily basis.

You are growing up so fast! We changed your crib to a toddler bed on Thanksgiving night. We did it not because you climbed out, which you very surprisingly never did,  but because you were getting to big and heavy for me to lift in and out of the crib. You have done great in your "big boy" bed. You have yet to fall out and you you stay in your bed waiting patiently in the morning for Daddy to come and get you. As much as you wiggle and move, I am very shocked we haven't found you sleeping on your floor every morning!

Here are a few of your latest likes and dislikes:

Like: chicken nuggets, waffles, pizza, greek yogurt, marshmallows, chocolate milk, and french fries
Dislike: pretty much anything remotely healthy (other than the yogurt)

Like: iPad, drawing and coloring, matchbox cars, blocks, books, puzzles, and play-doh
Dislike: loud and obnoxious toys...oh wait, that's what Mommy and Daddy dislike ;-)

Like: looking for worms, your dog Abby, sliding, swinging, and running through the leaves
Dislike: spiders and mud on your hands

Like: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Signing Time, Hercules, and Tom & Jerry
Dislike: anything Mommy and Daddy are trying to watch

Like: wearing capes, hats, hoodies, costumes
Dislike: wearing socks

There are times when I am so in awe of you and the love that I have for you that I wonder how I can even manage it. There will be days that you don't like me very much when you are in trouble or when I am having to tell you, "NO." There will be days when I might not like YOU very much either (probably around the age of 16) ;-) Those are the days I hope you can look back on this blog and these notes that I write to you and know how very much you are loved. You, my precious little boy, are loved more than you will ever know...until they day comes that you have a precious little one of your own.