Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Posessed Toys

  Last night, I was downstairs taking something out of the dryer. Suddenly, from the dark garage, I hear a revving motor sound followed by a little song. My son's four wheeler toy had come to life on its own. I jumped out of my skin and hauled it back upstairs before I processed what had occurred. There seems to be a short in the wiring or something that is triggering an action that is intended to function only when a button is pushed. I told my husband and he responded, "oh yeah, it did that to me the other day." Didn't think to warn me, huh?!

  I remember having a puzzle as a kid that played "How Much is That Doggy in the Window" when the pieces were all in place. One night, in the wee hours, the batteries began to die and the puzzle started to make a noise that can only be described as a cat in pain. My mother tore the room apart trying to find the culprit. When she finally found the puzzle, the batteries were built in and were not removable/replaceable. That was the night my mother killed a puzzle with multiple stab wounds inflicted by a butter knife.

  Have you ever had any toys that needed an exorcist?

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Caped Crusader

  E had a nice shopping spree this past weekend a.k.a he outgrew everything and the weather got warm. All of his cute PJs are too warm for him to wear now that the nights are not so cool. We bought new summer PJs and I couldn't resist THIS pair!

They even come with a detachable cape! How cute is that?! One of the things that always made Batman cool to me was that he had no actual super powers. His tech gadgets gave him his edge. My little E may lack super powers, but he has some pretty cool tech gadgets of his own! 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daylight Savings

For those of you who understand this "Princess Bride" reference, you know my current feelings about leaving my house well before the sun is up in the morning. On the plus side, Daylight Savings Time works out nicely for E. The longer it is dark, the longer he sleeps which allows my husband and me a little extra time to get ourselves ready in the morning before we are summoned.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Magic Bread

  E doesn't eat. Seriously. He used to eat pretty much anything I put in front of him or at least he would try it. Now, good luck getting it in his mouth and even better luck getting it to stay there. He drinks milk by the gallon and his pediatrician tells me he is growing just fine. Some nights, in an effort to get him to eat SOMETHING, to eat ANYTHING, dinner might be fruit snacks. I feel like a terrible mom when this happens, but we all do what we must.

  While E had a cold the past few days, his already tiny appetite became non-existent. That is until we discovered his love for homemade sourdough bread :-) We are fortunate to have a friend who makes the BEST sourdough bread. Sometimes, she surprises us with a gift of a warm loaf of bread. E loves it so much that he takes a bite and follows it with a happy dance. We were so thrilled to find something he would eat that I called her and begged to work out a barter for the magical bread. Last night, E ate so much of the bread, we had to cut him off. He reached for the bread as I put it away and began bawling. It was both pitiful and hilarious at the same time. My son has a love affair with bread.

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Start

  Well, I have officially started my new job. I am a contract worker for Lowe's in the corporate office. I am the Print Specialist. The commute is a little over an hour one way, but many people in my area work at Lowe's and so van pools have been organized. I was lucky enough to secure a spot on a van pool. I drive about 15 minutes to meet at the pick-up and then I am able to read or work on other things for the remainder of the commute.
  I was a bit worried at first about being away from E until so late in the evening, but my husband reminded me that it was typically 6pm or so before we got settled in the past since I would get off work, drive across town to pick up E, then get back home and get dinner started. Much more of the responsibility is going to fall to my husband now. He will be getting E ready in the mornings since I will be out the door before E wakes. If you see my kid around town dressed strangely, this is the reason ;-) He will also be picking up E in the evenings and running any errands that I cannot handle remotely. I am so grateful that E has a Daddy that is so supportive and "hands-on".