Friday, October 26, 2012

As usual, E is a ball of energy. The nice fall weather makes playing outside so nice even though the days are getting shorter. Here are a few snapshots of some of E's favorite activities over the past few weeks:

running through the leaves

 we have just a few leaves

examining a bugs with Daddy

drawing on the iPad with Papa Ray

copying mommy after bath time

Monday, October 15, 2012

Artist in the Making

Let me show you reason number 3,459 why I think my kid is exceptional...

This is my two-year-old. That is his dry erase doodle board. Those are smiley faces. At first, my husband asked me if maybe I was just seeing things in his doodles that were just coincidences. After I watched E carefully dot the eyes of his third smiley face, I was certain it was deliberate. I'm not sure that it is common for a two-year-old to draw smileys, but I was impressed! Maybe we have a little artist in the making on our hands?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Kids Say...

I often wonder what other kids think about E's "ears" when they play with him. Most children are curious and ask innocent questions about E's devices or his signing. So far, they all seem to think E's differences are neat. Today, E went to stay at a friend's house who keeps him when our regular nanny is on vacation. This friend keeps two little girls as well. She told us that when one of the little girls heard that E was coming to play today, she said, "I wonder if he'll let me use his hearing things too." Later, the little girl said, "E gets to wear earrings." :-) It made me laugh to hear how she viewed E's hearing devices. To her, E's difference made him special and he got the privilege of "getting to wear earrings."

E is just as entertaining as ever. Tonight, E crawled up in my lap for a cuddle and began to fake yawn complete with "ahhhhhhhhhhh" and patting his hand over his mouth. He insisted that I join him in fake yawning. I have no clue how he comes up with this stuff!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Y'all

So, I figured it has been a little while since I've posted anything new. Here's some of the latest news from the world of E:

 E is really curious about pumpkins. He likes to hold them and tap on them as if he is testing for ripeness. I love this pic of my little pumpkin investigating pumpkins :-)

E knows how to roll his tongue and has discovered the front-facing camera on my iPhone. He thinks it is super fun to make silly faces with mommy for the camera.

Every night at 7pm, my big boy magically transforms back into my snuggle baby. He is not allowed to have his paci until 7pm and trust me, he knows when that clock says 7:00! I love my cuddle time with my baby and hold tightly to every second as I know that the day will come all too soon when he will not sit in my lap.

E continues to develop his own personality and style. He decided the other night that he will wear sunglasses at night to watch his movie because he is just THAT cool :-)

Other news from E's world:
• only pull up diapers are acceptable now and sitting on the potty is fun, but nothing happens there yet
• E signs, says and recognizes all of the alphabet (upper and lower case) and enjoys making alphabet letters out of play-doh in preschool
• E properly identifies, signs and says all of the basic colors
• chocolate milk is the latest addiction
• Finding Nemo is gaining ground agains Hercules and he calls it the "happy movie"
• E is really tuning in on emotions and likes to tell you when characters on TV are feeling happy, sad, tired, or mad
• matching games are a current favorite and E is really skilled with these memory games
• E has discovered the wonder of "Angry Birds" and has been clearing levels and getting high scores all by himself