Thursday, June 5, 2014

E turns Four

My sweet E, you are now four years old! The time has certainly flown by and it seems you wake up taller almost every day. In looking back at your likes and dislikes from last year, some things have stayed the same while others have changed entirely. Most importantly, what has not changed is that you are still such a love bug. You are still the sweetest, most cuddly little boy and I cherish the giggles and fun. I know that all too soon you will not be interested in being my little "little boy," but I am hoping to convince you that you can always cuddle up and watch a movie with me no matter how big you are.

Favorite activities: playing outside and reading/telling stories
Favorite foods: french toast and chocolate milk are still the clear winners
Favorite book: you do not seem to have a favorite right now, but you are reading well already and enjoy all books
Favorite TV show(s): Jake and the Neverland Pirates, TNMNT, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
Favorite toys/items: the iPad still reigns supreme, but Legos and Matchbox cars are on the rise
Favorite color: still purple

You still love playing outside more than anything. Every night, we must sign a story and sing "Jesus Loves Me" and "With Jesus on the Boat." You are doing great in preschool and were given the "Best Storyteller" superlative at the end of 3K this year. You are too smart for your own good sometimes and are very skilled at finding the loop hole in the directions. I can already see that you have inherited our skill for sarcasm. You are such a sweetheart though and you make me laugh all of the time. I love you, my amazing little boy!