Monday, May 28, 2012

Boy Dirt

Boy dirt is different than girl dirt. I have said this a million times. Boy dirt accumulates faster, smells worse, and is harder to clean than girl dirt. I don't have scientific proof of this, but my observations tell me this is basic truth.

Last night, our youth group got together to play kickball and cook out. I took E and let him play on the playground. He had a blast and even dragged one of our adult leaders down the tube slide with him multiple times. She was a really great sport :-) It was incredibly hot and he was a happy, sweaty little mess. I wiped him down with a baby wipe mid-play to cool him off and one of the young girls could not believe how dirty the resulting baby wipe was. You would have thought he had been rolling on the ground.

When I got him home for a very thorough bath, I lifted his chin and laughed out loud as I discovered a dirt ring on his neck. Seriously?! HOW does that happen? He was just playing on a slide, not making mud pies! E knows that mommy likes her baby to be clean and he graciously complies with my meticulous baths. Once again, I find myself mystified by the ways of the boy dirt! I am a firm believer, however, that messes should be made. You can always wash your hands. I encourage my son to play, get messy, get dirty, and have fun. Of course, I also teach the importance of good hygiene and insist on a good clean-up once the fun is over.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Been a While

Things have been a little crazy lately and I haven't posted anything recently, so here's a little update:

We took a little vacation. E spent the week being pampered by Nana.

While on vacation, we made some new friends.

We came home to lots of kisses and giggles.

We enjoyed a little down time on a rare, relaxing weekend.

E has been showing a lot of interest in sound and music. He tried his hand at the piano Sunday after hearing some of the older kids play.

We had another CI mapping appointment yesterday. E did a great job and really poured on the charm. He was rewarded with a trip to Cracker Barrel and an ice cream cone.

There you have it. Of course there has been much more going on, but I chose a few highlights. E continues to do new things everyday with vocalization, signing, and general toddler hilarity. He keeps us grinning and laughing and continues to be a true joy. I am so proud of my little man. Next on the horizon is E's birthday. He will be two! I cannot believe my baby is growing up so quickly :-)