Monday, April 30, 2012

Lost Battery

  It has finally happened....we lost something. One of E's rechargeable cochlear batteries is missing. That doesn't seem like a big deal until you realize that that little battery costs $200 to replace. We have turned the house upside down looking for it, but we have had no luck so far. We have two larger ones and one small one left, but the larger ones are still a bit cumbersome for E. We have asked people to help us look for it in the places he may have been when it was lost, but we are having a hard time impressing upon them the importance and cost of this little battery. I don't want to order a new one because I still have hope that it will be found. We have had a bit of an ongoing battle getting people to understand that you cannot lay his processor or equipment down just anywhere. It has a case. Use it. If any of you find a gray compact battery about an inch long with a and orange and white paw sticker, PLEASE let me know!

  On a lighter note, I have found a couple of new foods that E likes! I have started eating greek yogurt. E saw me eating it this past weekend and came over to investigate. He proceeded to eat all of my yogurt. The next new find is Cuties brand tangerines. They are small and seedless and perfect for E. He loves them and I love that he is eating anything besides fries and chicken nuggets!

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  1. Oops re losing the battery!! Been there, done that.Hope you can find it! (found mine and then yelled at people to not touch my CI stuff,lol)

    Yay re E liking Greek yogurt! you should try and find a recipe online, it's really easy to make, my mom makes it all the time!